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  • Broadband frequency input range from DC to  22Gbps
  • Individual on board adjustable data path delays to ensure optimal timing at the multiplexer inputs
  • Easy two-way duty cycle adjustment for the multiplexer clock inputs
  • Synchronization signal with the frequency divided by any number from 1 to 256 and 50% duty cycle for viewing data bits or full eye diagram
  • Differential inputs and outputs
  • Minimal insertion jitter
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • One negative power supply at -3.3V and one positive power supply at +3.0V

Function Operating Frequency Power, mW Package
Dual Channel Data Rate Doubler w/ Sync Output DC-44 Gbps 7260 / 9060 with Divider (If Installed) Board


Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_2MUX25 system on board integrates two identical 2:1 multiplexer blocks.  Each MUX is used to double the incoming data rate by multiplexing two of the four input data channels. All four digital inputs have an operating frequency range from DC up to 22Gbps, resulting in the possibility to generate two differential output data streams with a rate up to 44Gbps. Input data can be applied single-ended/differentially, and AC/DC coupled to the inputs of each MUX. Two independent delay lines can correct the phase relationship between both data signals. On-board potentiometers allow for the individual adjustment of each data channel.

The clock input signal with a frequency from DC to 22GHzcan be applied single-ended/differentially, and AC/DC coupled. Amplifiers are used in both clock paths to optimize the duty cycle of the two multiplexed output data signals. The board also incorporates a programmable 1 to 256 divider (optional), operating up to 16.6GHz that can be used to generate a synchronization signal for monitoring the output data signals. The divider output is fully differential and supports the CML interface.


The multiplexer circuitry operates from a negative -3.3V power supply and consumes about 2.2A. A separate +3.0V power supply with a current consumption of about 600mA is required for the divider operation (if installed).