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  • Broadband frequency range from 20Mbps – 18Gbps
  • Minimal insertion jitter
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • Two PRBS data outputs, jitter insertion capability, and output amplitude control from 0V to 1V peak to peak
  • Up to 155ps delay variation on each output
  • Differential clock output
  • 50% duty cycle for sync output on all divide ratios
  • Sync output and Clock input are AC coupled on board
  • Single +3.3V supply

Function Operating Frequency Power, mW Package
2^7-1 / 2^15-1 PRBS Generator w/ Jitter Insertion, Sync Output, & Amplitude Control 20 Mbps-18 Gbps 6900 Board


Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_PRBS20B_1 is a broadband 27-1 or 215-1 PRBS generator intended for test, prototyping, microwave, and communication applications. The amplitude and phase are adjustable on both differential outputs. There is jitter/phase shift insertion onto either differential output with a bandwidth up to 500 kHz. Output amplitude on both PRBS outputs varies from 0V to 1V single-ended peak to peak. A single-ended clock from 10MHz to 18GHz with an amplitude as low as 100mV peak to peak may be applied to the clock input. A buffered differential clock output is provided. A differential Sync Output divides an input clock from 1 to 256. When using an oscilloscope, the Sync Output triggers the oscilloscope. The system is capable of triggering for an eye diagram for PRBS7/PRBS15 or PRBS7 pattern with divide ratios 127 or 254, and it uses an on-board PRBS reset switch to preset the generator avoiding the all zero state lock-up. An on-board Pattern Select switch selects either PRBS7 or PRBS15.