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  • Data rates from 1 to 33.5Gbps
  • Half rate, quarter rate, or full rate clock input
  • 2 independent error detecting channels
  • Error detection for industry standard PRBS7, PRBS9, PRBS11, PRBS15, PRBS17, PRBS20, PRBS23, PRBS29, PRBS31
  • Downloadable GUI software interface with onboard USB

Function Operating Frequency Power, mW Package
2 Channel PRBS Error Detector with USB Control Interface 1-33.5 Gbps 23800 Benchtop



Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_ED45_2Ch can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments. The error detector operates from 1 to 33.5Gbps with two independent channels. A single-ended half-rate clock is needed for the instrument’s operation. An input frequency of 15GHz would correspond to a 30Gbps PRBS data input. Input data sensitivity ranges from 200mV to 1V. The data inputs are composed of 2.92mm female connectors with DC coupling. An external DC block is required for both data inputs. The clock input/output are accessed via SMA female connectors with internal AC coupling. All operation and adjustment controls are accessed by a GUI controlled interface connected through a USB port. Power is supplied with an included +5V DC power supply. On the unit's front panel there are green and red LEDs to indicate instantaneous data errors on each channel. The GUI provides an error count and error ratio display.