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  • Data rates from 100Mbps  to 45Gbps  
  • Generates industry standard PRBS7, PRBS9, PRBS11, PRBS15, PRBS17, PRBS20 , PRBS23, PRBS29, or PRBS31 signals
  • Generates a custom up to 1Mbit data pattern
  • Adjustable differential data output with amplitudes from 0V to 1.4V
  • 14ps rise/fall time for PRBS data output
  • 17ps rise/fall time for sync output
  • User selectable sync output for scope triggering with input clock divide ratio from 4 to 1024
  • Selectable Error ratio from 10-12 up to 10-1
  • Downloadable GUI software interface with onboard USB
  • DLL is provided for control with example python code

Function Operating Frequency Power, mW Package
PRBS7 to PRBS31 Pattern Generator with USB Control Interface 100 Mbps-45 Gbps 21250 Benchtop


The ASNT_PRBS45 can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments. The pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) generator operates within a wide data range. A single-ended half-rate clock is needed for the instrument’s operation. An input frequency of n GHz corresponds to a 2n Gbps PRBS data output. The output data has adjustable amplitude.  The trigger output has a user defined divide ratio in relation to the input high-speed clock. I/O’s are SMA female connectors with internal AC coupling and CML interface. All operation and adjustment controls are accessible by a GUI connected through a USB port. Alternatively the unit can be controlled through a DLL. An example python code is provided as one way to use the DLL to control the unit. Matlab, Java and many other programs can use the DLL. See the user guide for more details. Power is supplied with an external AC-DC power converter (included).