ASNT6152-KMM View full size
  • High-speed adjustable linear equalizer
  • Two independent channels and two independent equalization stages per channel
  • High-speed CMOS 3-wire interface for digital controls
  • Self-adjusted 0dB DC gain
  • Additional manual adjustment of DC gain through 3-wire interface
  • Error detector in the first channel
  • Adjustable error detector output range through 3-wire interface
  • Fully differential CML-type analog input and output interfaces
  • Two power supplies for the analog section and 3-wire interface
  • Average power consumption with/without error detector: 1.4W/1.0W
  • Fabricated in SiGe for high performance, yield, and reliability
  • Limited temperature variation over industrial temperature range
  • Die size 1.2x1.2mm2
  • Optional custom CQFP 44-pin package

Function Operating Frequency Power, mW Package
Dual CTLE w/ Error Detection 8-28 Gbps 1000 / 1400 44-pin CQFP


Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT6152-KMM is an adaptive continuous-time linear equalizer (CTLE) with two independently controlled analog data channels, each channel with two identical and independently controlled equalization stages. The DC-gain in the equalization stages is automatically adjusted to 0dB. The DC-gain of the Output Buffer (OB) can be externally adjusted.


The first channel of the ADE features a built-in Error Detector (ED) that generates an output signal proportional to the absolute value of the difference between a recovered signal and an ideal signal. The ED can be turned off to save power.


The part’s I/Os support CML-type differential interface with on-chip 50Ohm termination to vcc. External 50Ohm termination is also required. AC-coupling for both analog data channels is required.


All operational modes of the chip are controlled through a high-speed 3-wire serial interface. The part operates with a positive supply vcc = +3.3V for the analog section, and a digital supply vdd = +1.3V for the SPI interface. The negative supply rail vee should be connected to external ground. 

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