1:16 Digital Demultiplexer

Broadband digital deserializer 1-to-16
Low-power LVDS output data buffers with a proprietary architecture
Clock-divided-by-16 LVDS output buffer with 90°-step phase selection
Single +3.3V power supply
Industrial temperature range
Low power consumption of 730mW at the maximum speed
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Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 17 Gbps
Power: 730 mW
Package: 100-pin QFN
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Product Details

asnt2011-pqa desc

Fig. 1. Functional Block Diagram

ASNT2011-PQA is a low power and high-speed digital 1 to 16 demultiplexer / deserializer IC. The part can function seamlessly over input data rates (fbit) ranging from DC to 17Gbps. The main function of ASNT2011-KMA is to demultiplex a serial input data channel d running at a bit rate of fbit into 16 parallel data channels q00-q15 running at a bit rate of fbit/16. The high sensitivity data input buffer (Data IB) ensures accurate operation at low input data signal amplitudes. It provides on-chip 50Ω termination to vcc and is designed to be driven by devices with 50Ω source impedance.


During normal operation, the received serial input data is latched into a tree-type demultiplexer DMX1:16 and subsequently deserialized and delivered to the demultiplexer’s output as 16-bit wide low-speed parallel words. The output MSB corresponds to q00 when bitordn=0 (default), or to q15 when bitordn=1.


A full rate clock must be provided by an external source ce to the high-speed clock input buffer HS CIB where it is routed to the internal divider-by-16 (/16). The divider provides signaling for DMX1:16 and produces a full rate clock divided-by-16 C16 for the low speed LVDS compliant clock output buffer LVDS COB. The phase of cls can be modified by 90° increments by utilizing pins phs1 and phs2 and the clock processing block CLK Proc.

Sixteen proprietary low-power LVDS output data buffers LVDS DOBx16 are used to deliver the 16 data output signals q00-q15 while a similar LVDS clock output buffer LVDS COB outputs the low-speed clock signal cls. The deserializer uses a single +3.3Vpower supply and is characterized for operation from −25°C to 125°C of junction temperature.