Clock Divider by-8 / 2-to-1024

Broadband frequency range from 2kHz – 56GHz
Minimal insertion jitter
Fast rise/fall times
50% duty cycle for all divide ratios
Selectable divide output up to 1024
Second divide by 8 output
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Frequency (min): 2 kHz
Frequency (max): 56 GHz
Power: 4300 mW
Package: Board
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Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_502 system on board functions as a multi-purpose divider for test, microwave, and communication applications. The selectable divide output can be operated single-ended or differentially. A secondary fixed divide-by-8 output can also be used single-ended or differentially. The high-speed clock input is AC coupled with a K-type connector. The clock outputs are AC coupled with SMA connectors. Power is supplied through a two pin MOLEX connector P/N: 39-28-1023. The ASNT_502 divider can be used as a prescaler to extend the useful frequency range for triggering. The second fixed divide-by-8 output can be used to synchronize other devices. The divider can also be used as a prescaler for PLL’s or frequency counters.