Transimpedance Amplifier with Automatic Offset Control and Input Peak Detector Die

Broadband transimpedance amplifier for low noise receiver side applications
Features automatic input offset control and a peak detector
8GHz of analog bandwidth for limiting of input data
60dBΩ of transimpedance differential gain
15pA/sqrtHz of input referred noise density (0.1 to 10GHz)
CML output interface with 50Ω termination and 225mVp-p single-ended swing
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Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 17.6 Gbps
Power: 250 mW
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asnt6021-bd desc

Fig.1 Functional Block Diagram

ASNT6021 SiGe IC combines the functions of transimpedance and limiting amplifiers to convert a small current from a photodiode into a standard digital signal. The device can process an input current signal within the frequency band from DC to 8GHz and deliver output CML signal with a data rate up to 17.6Gbps and differential amplitude of 450mV. The output CML logic interface has on chip 50Ω termination and may be used differentially, AC/DC coupled, single-ended, or in any combination. The part operates from a positive power supply VCC=3.3V. The on-chip peak detector with a sensitivity of 3V/mAgenerates a single-ended output voltage in the range from VCC to  VCC-1V.