Modular Advanced Driver / Amplifier with Digital Pre-Emphasis, PAM4 Encoding, and less than 200fs p-p Jitter

Four pre-emphasis taps with software controlled weight and inversion
Adjustable data output amplitude and eye quality
Output data eye cross point adjustment
Optional main clock frequency ×2 multiplier
Main clock duty cycle indicators located before and after the multiplier
Opposite and parallel adjustment of the main clock and data delays
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Frequency (min): 1.0 Gbps
Frequency (max): 32.5 Gbps
Power: 10000 mW
Package: Benchtop
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Product Details

The ADSANTEC Pre-Emphasis unit can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments.  The device incorporates the advanced programmable driver amplifier with built-in four-tap pre-emphasis ASNT6118-KMF and external control circuitry in an integrated instrument box with power supplies and USB computer interface.  All connectors are female SMA except the Data Output pair, which is 2.92 mm (type K).  All Device I/O’s are CML.

The ADA contains both digital and analog controls to set signed tap weights for the four delayed copies of the input signal (set apart one clock from each other by a shift register), which are then summed to produce the output signal.  Other features include a limiting amplifier for the input signal and an optional input clock doubler, duty cycle, peaking and amplitude controls. The power ON/OFF switch turns the instrument on and off, and it combines with an LED indicating the instrument is powered ON. The +5V DC power supply (included) connects to a male barrel jack, and the USB-B connector (with connectivity indicator) allows connection to a computer for controlling the instrument through a Windows GUI.