Broadband Clock Divider by-1 / by-2 / by-4

Wide input clock frequency range from DC to 50GHz
Selectable Forwarded, Divided-by-2, or Divided-by-4 output
50% duty cycle of the divided clock signals
Fully differential CML input interface
Fully differential CML output interface with 400mV single-ended swing
CMOS 3.3V control signals
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Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 50 GHz
Power: 845 mW
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Product Details

Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

ASNT8133-KMC is a high-speed, low-power divider by-1, by-2, or by-4 with increased sensitivity. The part shown in Fig. 1 accepts a CML input clock signal cp/cn with the speed from DC to maximum operational frequency and provides a clean 50% duty cycle output signal cop/con with its frequency defined by the states of div and div4 control signals as shown in Table 1 within the part’s datasheet. The part’s high-speed I/Os support the CML logic interface with on chip 50Ohm termination to vcc and may be used differentially, AC/DC coupled, single-ended, or in any combination. In the DC-coupling mode, the input signal’s common mode voltage should comply with the specifications shown in ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS within the part’s datasheet. In the AC-coupling mode, the input termination provides the required common mode voltage automatically. The differential DC signaling mode is recommended for optimal performance.