2^7-1 PRBS Generator with Sync Output

Broadband frequency range from 8Gbps – 34Gbps
On board data rate multiplexer to reduce the input clock frequency rate
Adjustable phase shift for multiplexer clock input
1-256 divide sync output
Differential inputs and outputs
Minimal insertion jitter
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Frequency (min): 8 Gbps
Frequency (max): 34 Gbps
Power: 5400 mW
Package: Board
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Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASTN_PRBS32_1 is a broadband 27-1 PRBS generator intended for test, prototyping, microwave, and communication applications. A single-ended or differential clock from 4GHz to 17GHz can be used. A differential Sync Output can divide an input clock from 1 to 256. The Sync Output is capable of displaying an eye diagram at divide-by-16, and a PRBS waveform output for 127 or 254. The PRBS 27-1 waveform output is multiplexed to double the data rate, giving a maximum data rate of 34Gbps. An on board trim potentiometer allows to phase adjust the multiplexer clock input for all input clock frequencies in a specified range to ensure the best output is achieved. To set up the PRBS waveform output, set the divider ratio to 127 for sync and adjust the trim potentiometer to get the best pulse waveform at the output of the PRBS generator.  An on board PRBS reset switch is included to preset the generator to avoid the all zero state lock-up.