2^7-1 / 2^15-1 PRBS Generator with Sync Output

Broadband frequency range from 8Gbps – 34Gbps
On board data rate multiplexer to reduce the input clock frequency rate
Adjustable phase shift for multiplexer clock input
1-256 divide sync output
Differential inputs and outputs
Minimal insertion jitter
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Frequency (min): 8 Gbps
Frequency (max): 34 Gbps
Power: 5600 mW
Package: Board
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Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_PRBS34_1 is a broadband 27-1 or 215-1 PRBS generator intended for test, prototyping, microwave, and communication applications. A single-ended or differential clock from 4GHz to 17GHz can be used. A differential Sync Output divides the input clock from 1 to 256 allowing a PRBS7 pattern view on an oscilloscope by using a divide ratio 127 or 254. The PRBS7/PRBS15 data output is multiplexed to double the data rate, giving a maximum data rate of 34Gbps. An on-board trim potentiometer allows to phase adjust the multiplexer clock input for all input clock frequencies in a specified range to ensure the best output is achieved. An on-board PRBS reset switch presets the generator to avoid the all zero state lock-up.