Frequency Synthesizer with USB Control Interface

Primary output frequency range from 4 to 32GHz
Extended output frequency range from 50MHz up to 32GHz
Sync output frequency range from 40MHz up to 140MHz
Primary outputs have differential K-type compatible connectors
Sync output has SMA connector
Differential Main Output Clock
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Frequency (min): 4 GHz
Frequency (max): 32 GHz
Power: 15000 mW
Package: Benchtop
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Product Details

ASNT_FS8151 desc

Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_FS8151 frequency synthesizer can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments. It contains three outputs which cover three different frequency ranges.  The main output ranges from 4 to 32GHz.  There is a sync output for trigger of the equivalent time sampling oscilloscope.  The main output clock amplitude is adjustable over an approximate 3:1 amplitude range, up to approximately 200mV differentially at 32GHz. Outputs are K-type/SMA compatible female connectors. All operation and adjustment controls are accessed by a GUI controlled interface connected through a USB port.