High Speed 2:1 Multiplexer Unit w/ USB Control Interface

High Speed Broadband 2-to-1 Multiplexer (MUX)
Fully differential CML data input and output interfaces
Single-ended CML clock input and output interfaces
NRZ multiplexing and PAM4 generation support
Built-in half-rate input clock phase shift capability
Two single-ended quarter-rate CML clock outputs with delay adjustment to support PAM4 signal generation (requires two MUX64 units)
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Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 64 Gbps
Power: 15000 mW
Package: Benchtop
Price: Request

Product Details

ASNT_MUX64 desc

Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_MUX64 can be used for test applications, design verification, and R&D environments including double frequency rate NRZ data multiplexing and PAM4 generation, which requires two MUX units. The back panel of the instrument contains a power switch (Power), a power supply female connector (+9-12V DC) for connecting a male 2.5×5.5 barrel jack of the external AC-DC adapter, and the USB-B connector (USB) for connecting an external PC with installed Windows GUI control software.

Two input data signals supplied through the CML differential ports are sampled by an internal clock that is derived form an input half-rate clock.  The input clock has a controlled phase shift capability that allows for selection of the optimal data sampling point. The shifted clock is divided by 2, and supplied to two outputs through additional independent phase shifters. This feature is required for PAM4 signal generation using two MUX units. More information can be found within the product datasheet and user guide.

A Windows GUI (compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10) is used to control all adjustable parameters of the unit including high speed data output amplitude, clock phase shifts, common-mode voltage levels of the input clock signals, etc. The unit is powered by a single 9V supply delivered from an external AC-DC adapter connected to the input socket on the back panel.