2^7-1 / 2^15-1 PRBS Generator with Sync Output

Broadband frequency range 4Gbps – 52Gbps
Adjustable clock duty cycle for MUX
2-512 divide differential sync output
Static divide by four differential output
AC coupled single-ended Clock Input
Minimal insertion jitter
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Frequency (min): 4 Gbps
Frequency (max): 52 Gbps
Power: 7000 mW
Package: Board
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Product Details

asntprbs56_1 desc

Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The ASNT_PRBS56_1 is a broadband 27-1 or 215-1 PRBS generator intended for test, prototyping, microwave, and communication applications. A single-ended clock from 2GHz to 26GHz is used. This single-ended Clock Input feeds a static differential Divide by 4 Output, an adjustable differential divide by 2 to 512 Sync Output, a differential clock that supplies the multiplexer responsible for doubling the data rate up to 52Gbps, and a differential clock that triggers the PRBS 27-1.

The Clock Input, Sync Output, and Divide by 4 Output are AC coupled on board. The PRBS Output is DC coupled operating with a common mode level above ground. The data output’s duty cycle is adjustable through two on-board potentiometers. Each phase shifter has an on-board potentiometer for adjusting the data entering the multiplexer. This adjustment capability ensures the best operating point for a specific frequency. PRBS7 or PRBS15 is selected through an on-board switch. An on-board PRBS reset switch is included to preset the generator to avoid the all zero state lock-up.