Chip Maker

ADSANTEC has a wide variety of high-speed, mixed signal ASICs using SiGe, BiCMOS and Si CMOS technology.

Full Test Solutions

Our board level and benchtop devices can be configured into low-cost optical transceiver test stations.


ADSANTEC has several true PAM4 solutions including our latest 56 Gigabaud PAM4 Generator, Pre-Emphasis Driver, and PRBS Generator.

Custom ASIC Design

Our design team can turn your ideas into highly optimized and cost effective solutions for mixed signal ASIC design.

Latest Products

Function: Data/Clock Signal Distributor 1-to-4
Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 28 Gbps/ 17 GHz
Power: 1220 mW
Package: 24-pin QFN
Price: Request
Function: 1-to-2 Analog Signal Splitter with Differential Outputs / PAM4
Frequency (min): DC
Frequency (max): 25 GHz
Power: 660 mW
Package: 24-pin CQFP
Price: Request
Logic Level Converter
Function: Advanced Driver / Amplifier with Digital Pre-Emphasis, PAM4 Encoding, less than 200fs p-p Jitter, and standard CMOS 3-wire SPI Interface
Frequency (min): 1.0 Gbps
Frequency (max): 32.5 Gbps
Power: 4000 mW
Package: 64-pin CQFP
Price: Request
Pre-Emphasis Amplifier
Function: 4 Channel 0.1 to 40Gbps PRBS Generator with USB Control Interface
Frequency (min): 100 Mbps
Frequency (max): 40 Gbps
Power: 15000
Price: Request